Working Together With Clearwater

The financial business can be a competitive place, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Clearwater Commercial Capital, we see the advantage of working with brokers and referrals. Our goal is to provide customers with the help they need to make their business a success, and cooperation is the just the first step.

The Broker Benefit

Businesses thrive on connectivity and cooperation. Brokers and referrals continue relationships with us because we provide excellent commisions and referral fees, independent of any project’s size. When a client returns to Clearwater, we reciprocate your goodwill and refer back to you. We also offer protection for referrals and brokers in various ways, including quick payments when a contract is closed.

Exceptional Employment

We are always looking for qualified applicants to join our team of professionals. Our outstanding customer service demands employees willing to help clients get the loans they need to succeed, and we recognize our staff is part of that success. We recognize hard work and reward our sales staff with competitive commissions while helping you work towards a prosperous career.

Attributes of Achievement

There are several things we look for in an employee. Here are some of the skills we value at Clearwater:

  • Positive attitude, self-confidence, and a desire for success
  • Helpful demeanor and a willingness to support clients and coworkers meet their goals
  • Organization and the ability to maintain composure when complications arise
  • Drive to finish what you’ve started, and pride in a job well done
  • A good-natured sense of humor, solidifying bonds with clients

If you are a dedicated individual with some employment history in sales, we have positions open in a variety of locations waiting for you to step up to the challenge.

Collaboration is Key

Whether you’re a broker, referral, or prospective employee, Clearwater Commercial Capital looks forward to working with you. Contact us today and see the clear difference working with us can make.