Gas Station Franchising Options: 16 Best Franchises to Get On the Gasoline Retail Bandwagon

Gas stations are among the biggest businesses in the United States. When it comes to gas station franchises, individuals have the opportunity to jump into the business and start to earn a profit. The profit margins can be high and the opportunities are great when you know what to look for. 

Here are the best franchises to consider when you want to enter the oil and gas industry.


With hundreds of gas stations across the US, AMPM requires an initial investment fee at the loest of about $400,500.


7-Eleven is a large chain. With over 8,600 stores, they offer everything that a franchisee needs to run the business successfully.

Circle K

In over 20 different states, Circle K is a lucrative business opportunity that offers financing options to cover equipment costs.


LUKOIL is in many different locations. They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their own business under their brand.

Street Corner

Street Corner started franchising in 1995. In order to run a franchise, you must make a net-worth of $100.000.

Sunoco APlus

Sunoco APlus stores are all around the east coast of the US. The investment may cost anywhere between $25,000 and $600,000.

Dash In

Dash In has about 58 franchises available. You are allowed to receive funding and other financing options to open a franchise.

Alliance Energy

When you apply for Alliance Energy, you are given all the tools you need to sustain your business.


Marathon has stores across the US. It offers its franchisees recognition through brand and leadership support.


Express began franchising in 1985 and has 19 units across the Midwest. You need about $165,000 total for this investment.

Kangaroo Express

This gas station has over 1,500 stores in about 13 states. Under the brand Pantry, Kangaroo Express is their principle store.

Murphy USA

Murphy USA is a renowned brand in the oil and gas industry. You need Liquid Capital of $100,000.

Quik Stop

Quik Stop has over 100 locations. It gives business owners classroom training, promotional advertising, marketing support, bookkeeping and accounting assistance.


Shell is one of the top names in petroleum. To apply, you need at least 10 percent of the total capital required.

On the Run

On the Run is a convenience store that offers gas and convenience store products. This business requires $100,000 worth of liquid assets and an investment fee of $50,000.

Extra Mile

The Extra Mile franchise has over 200 stores. Since 2007, it continues to grow. It offers Chevron gasoline and retail food outlets.

Gas stations are a lucrative business and franchises are an open door to the oil and gas industry.

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