Stated Income Commercial Real Estate: Turn Property Into Profit

Traditional business loans are weighted down with piles of paperwork and a lengthy approval process. Many organizations are hamstrung by such limitations, making it difficult to get the tools they need to grow. At Clearwater Commercial Capital, we offer an alternative that benefits you the most. Stated income commercial real estate loans provide the necessary capital without the hassle.

Getting What You Need to Succeed

Most conventional loans require a lot of documentation and force you to wait weeks to months for approval. Focusing less on your credit score and more upon your commercial property, a stated income loan offers you the opportunity to gain capital quickly. With real estate backing your company, your loans are approved sooner while your property covers the mortgage, taxes, and insurance.

Real Estate, Real Capital

While obtaining a traditional small-business loan might be difficult, the alternative is very straightforward. As long as it meets the minimum requirements, any type of business from restaurants to apartment complexes can qualify. Here are some of the benefits and basics to stated income commercial real estate loans:

  • Requires a credit score of 600
  • Most property types qualify
  • Large loan amounts up to $500,000
  • Fixed rates
  • 25-year amortized loans
  • Requires W-2 or self-employment credentials

Loan-to-value (LTV) percentages vary upon real estate types. Terms include 65% for auto service, office, retail, warehouse and storage property, and up to 75% on multi-family and mixed unit locations. These loans are also very flexible in their usage, allowing you to focus capital on growth, expansion, debt consolidation and even equipment purchases.

A Clear Connection

Making your company a success required financing, and no one understands how to help businesses grow like Clearwater Commercial Capital. Contact us to help start your stated income commercial real estate loan. With a quick approval process and minimal paperwork, you’ll be turning your property into profit in no time at all.