Building Success With SBA Loans

Your business is growing, and you need the financing to make that expansion a success. While conventional loans have their place, you can use your success to get much more favorable terms from certain institutions. As a qualified lender, Clearwater Commercial Capital is ready to help you reach your goals with an SBA loan.

Small Business, Big Benefits

A Small Business Associaltion-backed loan is tailor-made for small businesses looking to build their brand and expand. With access to funds up to $5 million, you’ll have the capital necessary to continue your organization’s success. Additionally, repayment terms up to 25 years and some of the best interest rates available, means income goes towards profits more than settling your loan.

Helping Us Help You

There are several things we look at when determining a business’s eligibility for such loans. Our main indicators are cash flow and business management. If your business meets our standards you can be prequalified in a matter of days. Since there are no prepayment penalties and loans are amortized, you know these loans won’t balloon out of control.

A Plethora of Properties

Getting resources when you need them is important for any growing organization. These loans can bring your business the capital it needs to open new sites, refinance current loans and refurbish existing locations. Here are some of the different businesses that can excel with this type of loan:

  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Laundromats
  • Mechanic Service Stations
  • Child-care agencies
  • Single purpose buildings
  • Nonconventional properties

A small business loan can be used for making purchases as well, allowing you to bring new technology into your venue, or replace older models for more efficient machinery.

A Clear Difference

When you need funding to take your business to the next level, consider an SBA loan. At Clearwater Commercial Capital, we know the difference exceptional financing can make. Contact us and see if you qualify today.