Financial Security for Purchasing Finished Goods

Access to financing from traditional sources can be limited when looking to purchase presold goods. Businesses specializing in imports, exports, or even domestic production require tangible capital for their operations to function, and an inability to procure financing will stunt any company’s success. At Clearwater Commercial Capital, we offer purchase order financing to meet that particular need.

Counting on Credit

When it’s difficult to meet the financial demands of suppliers, it’s impossible for your operation to flourish. We understand the need for quick funding to help your business meet demands. There are several benefits to choosing this type of financing:

  1. You can expand without the need to rely on traditional loans, keeping your bank debt and equity loss at a minimum.
  2. Meet current demands while allowing your business to take on more lucrative orders.
  3. Getting discretionary funding quickly allows you to be flexible with your purchasing, growing in new ways.

Even new businesses with little startup capital or poor cash flow can benefit from our financing opportunities.

Supply You Can Rely On

Whether you’re a producer, wholesaler, reseller, or distributor, purchase order financing can get your company on track. When you have the means to meet sales demands, you can focus on how your organization is run. Clearwater Commercial Capital is ready to help you get the tools and your business needs to succeed.