Merchant Cash Advance: Financing on Your Terms

Sometimes it seems impossible to get a traditional loan. Banks and credit unions are notoriously closehanded when dealing with new businesses or companies whose earnings ebb and flow with the economy. If you find yourself in need, Clearwater Commercial Capital offers an alternative in the form of a merchant cash advance.

Future-Based Finance

As an alternative to traditional loans, merchant cash advances are not based on credit scores. Instead, advances look at your merchant account and see what your future profits might be. This system allows you to get capital right away, knowing that you’ll be able to repay a loan as your business continues to succeed.

The Advance Advantage

Businesses that have been turned down for small-business or other types of loans will find this alternative a viable option. Here are some examples of the advantages a cash advance has to offer:

  • Counts as discretionary spending, meaning you use it how you see fit
  • Does not take into account credit scores
  • No collateral required
  • Little time spent on paperwork
  • Funds become available quickly
  • No fixed payments or closing costs

Get Funds Fast

Getting financing shouldn’t be a hassle. Clearwater Commercial Capital is ready to help you and your company grow. Contact us today and get the resources you need to make your company a success.